Congrats to Jeli!

Who has now finished her MSc! Jeli did a great job with her thesis and will now join the Schwander lab as a research assistant 🙂 . Jeli also painted a fantastic picture for me which details Jeli (the female Timema) explaining her results to me (the male Timema). Also note Jeli’s ball-and-chain since she was my ‘slave’, and her broken antenna as it was a ‘tough master’.

Jeli presenting her thesis - complete with typical humans
Jeli presenting her thesis – complete with typical humans


Jeli's painting
Jeli’s awesome painting

Summer update

Summer is here, and that means one thing – It’s Timema catchin’ time!

Timema live primarily in California, and so I selflessly volunteered to go and spend a month collecting there.

The fieldwork went well (minor catastrophes as we went along of course…), and it was amazing to get the chance to observe where and how the Timema live in the wild. I am a strong believer that biologists should ‘love thy organism’, meaning you should take time to get to know about the many aspects of your organism’s biology and ecology, otherwise any amount of sequence data (or even behavioural data taken in the lab) may not make any sense, or end up being misinterpreted.

Best field team ever!
Best field team ever!
My first wild-caught Timema (poppensis)
My first wild-caught Timema (poppensis)

The good parts of driving...
The good parts of driving…
...and the bad.
…and the bad.

Baby Timema!

The Timema have started hatching (cute!).

Here are a few photos of the first hatchlings (T. douglasi):

T. douglasi eggs and hatchlings
T. douglasi hatchling
T. douglasi hatchling
Version 2
T. douglasi hatchling






ICE Orlando

parker_ice_2016_1eI am presenting some of my work on sex-biased gene expression in Timema at the International Congress of Entomology (ICE) in Orlando, Florida!

Hope to see you there!