TSchwanderTanja Schwander – Queen of all things Timema and my boss.




MRRMarc Robinson-Rechavi – Baron of BGEE, Sire of Selectome, and my other boss.


MikeMike Ritchie – Speciation Tsar. Supervised my Ph.D.  

kazKarim Vahed – King of Crickets and co-discover (with myself and James Gilbert) of the animal with the largest testes proportional to body mass (see here for the paper).


maariaMaaria Kankare – Queen of alternative splicing.

Nicki Nicola Cook – CRISPR crazy methylation monster 

anneliAnneli Hoikkala – Undisputed Queen of (Drosophila) montana.

UntitledThe Goodwin Lab – Neurogenetic Gods.

AJ_MooreAllen Moore – Lord of Nicrophorus. 

Paris Veltsos – Grasshopper Guru, Fly Fiend, Ceilidh Addict.

felipeFelipe Vigoder – Sandfly Whisperer and Chief Fly-Stabber


axelAxel Wiberg – Pseudo-crow Fanatic.

Students (Past and Present)

Milica Krmar – Finding genes under sexual conflict in Timema (MSc student supervised with Tanja Schwander)

Manuella Siaka Monthe – Sex chromosomes (Erasmus student supervised with Tanja Schwander)


Jelisaveta Djordjevic – Timema sexual differentiation (MSc student supervised with Tanja Schwander and Marc Robinson-Rechavi).

Julia ZaborowskaPholidoptera sperm competition (Erasmus student supervised with Mike Ritchie and Karim Vahed)



hippieTapio Envall – Cold acclimation and RNA-seq (MSc student supervised with Maaria Kankare).

Riikka_T_fixedRiikka Tapanainen – Alternative splicing and cold tolerance (MSc student supervised with Maaria Kankare).

jontiJonti Siva-Jothy – Cold acclimation and RNAi (BSc project student supervised with Mike Ritchie).

mikkoMikko Merisalo – Diapause and RNA-seq (MSc student with supervised with Maaria Kankare and Tiina Salminen).