New preprint – Facultative parthenogenesis in Timema

Does obligate parthenogenesis evolve via facultative parthenogenesis?

In our new preprint (led by ChloĆ© Larose and Guillaume Lavanchy) we describe facultative parthenogenesis in several populations of Timema douglasi – a species previously thought to be obligately parthenogenetic. Parthenogenetic offspring seem to be produced in a similar way as in obligate parthenogenetic populations (via automixis), suggesting that obligate parthenogenesis (in Timema at least) may evolve via a facultative parthenogenetic stage.

New paper, new position.

Last week our paper on the convergent consequences of parthenogenesis on Timema genomes came out, nicely marking my last full day in Lausanne! Work on this paper spanned my entire 6 (SIX) year stay in Lausanne, through Brexit, Covid, and other big life changes, so very nice to see it finally out (see SIB press release here, Timema photo from Bart Zijlstra).

I have now moved to take up a lectureship in the School of Natural Sciences at Bangor University where I will work on the genetics of reproductive strategies in Timema and other critters.