Dissertation hand-in

Congrats to Charlie, Mekhi, and Thomas on getting their dissertations handed in!

Good luck with your next steps.

Jeli graduates!

Last week was Jeli’s public PhD defence! The defence went really well and we wish Jeli all the best of luck in the future as she starts her postdoc with Tanja Schwander.



Last week was Popgroup 57 up in St Andrews. It was really good to attend one of these in person again to chat science and catch up. The quality of the talks was also really high, leaving us full of ideas for the future!

Looking forward to next year!

Our fly room is up and running!

After *quite* a long wait our fly lab is now ready for use!

Excited to get some projects going at last!

New preprint!

Our new preprint looks at how differences in decision-making by researchers influence the results they report. This paper had 100s of researchers independently analyse two datasets and report their findings. Surprisingly, this resulted in a nearly continuous set of reported effect sizes across a wide range!

What to do about this problem is less clear – maybe multiple analyses per dataset? Model averaging? Have multiple researchers analyse each dataset?

Each of these solutions is far from perfect and it will be interesting to see how the field reacts to this paper.

New students!

Two new MRes students start in the lab this week!

Ian Green – who will be identifying genes that change in expression in response to cold in Drosophila.

Willow Legg – Willow will be looking at phenotypic plasticity in sun beetles (Pachnoda marginata).

A big welcome to both!