Principal Investigator

Darren J. Parker

Interesting stuff.

Current students

Ian Green

MRes student. Drosophila cold tolerance.

Willow Legg

MRes student. Phenotypic plasticity in sun beetles (Pachnoda marginata).

Jay Tearle

MRes student. Population genetics of cold tolerance.

Current BSc project students

Bethany Copeland
Christian Delve
Joseph Jenkins
Christo Manjaly
Lily-Mai Russell
Indigo Scott
Tyler Sutton Mellon

Past MSc and PhD students

Jelisaveta Djordjevic

PhD student. Timema sexual differentiation.


Milica Krmar

MSc Student. Finding genes under sexual conflict in Timema.


Tapio Envall

MSc Student. Cold acclimation and RNA-seq.


Riikka Tapanainen

MSc Student. Alternative splicing and cold tolerance.


Mikko Merisalo  

MSc Student. Diapause and RNA-seq.

Past Erasmus students

Julia Zaborowska

Erasmus Student. Pholidoptera sperm competition.


Manuella Siaka Monthe

Erasmus Student. Sex chromosomes.

Past BSc project students

Charlie Forth – Cold tolerance and diet
Mekhi Kellyman – Species competition
Thomas Rock – Insect biodiversity in urban environments

Jonti Siva-Jothy – Cold acclimation and RNAi.